About Us

About Us

As Emo Ayvaz, for 34 years, we have been providing high-risk industrial institutions with the wordclass quality fire safety systems “at optimum prices”.

Both in Turkey and abroad for 34 years, we have served hundreds of industrial organizations and energy plants – such as energy, logistics, transportation, gas and petrochemicals – which need fire detection and extinguishing systems at the high level of security. We have successfully applied the systems that we designed with our

“No Fault, No Risk”

principle using world’s leading brands of their areas.

For 34 years, every system we have established has set to work without any default and has fulfilled its task perfectly. The companies we have been serving for 34 years are still our customers.

We keep the highest level of quality at all stages such as projecting the fire detection and extinguishing systems of high-risk industrial institutions, choosing product, supplying product and mounting.

We closely follow the innovations all around the world and apply the most advanced technologies depend on national and/or international standards. We lead many subjects such as the introduction and application of NFPA 25, EN 12845 and TS CEN / TS 54-14 standards in Turkey, the dissemination of sprinkler systems and the professional practicing of system designs with the support of internationally accepted special software.

To sustain our ability to perform accurately, and to perfectly introduce the latest industry standards to our customers, we manage our business processes according to ISO 9000 quality management system. Since our business is focused on establishing and managing living systems, – as “lifelong learning” notion requires- we equip our expert staff with the training of international organizations.

In the periodic maintenance and services of the systems that we established and the ones established by other organizations, we offer exploration, analysis and reporting services – avoiding any possible mistakes.